Smart actuators - Valve Health Monitor (VHM) System


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The health of electromechanical systems (actuators) and specifically of solenoid valves is a primary concern at Kennedy Space Center (KSC). These systems control the storage and transfer of such commodities as liquid hydrogen. The potential for the failure of electromechanical systems to delay a scheduled launch or to cause personnel injury requires continual maintenance and testing of the systems to ensure their readiness. Monitoring devices need to be incorporated into these systems to verify the health and performance of the valves during real operating conditions. It is very advantageous to detect degradation and/or potential problems before they happen. This feature will not only provide safer operation but save the cost of unnecessary maintenance and inspections. Solenoid valve status indicators are often based upon microswitches that work by physically contacting a valve's poppet assembly. All of the physical contact and movement tends to be very unreliable and is subject to wear and tear of the assemblies, friction, breakage of the switch, and even leakage of the fluid (gas or liquid) in the valve. The NASA Instrumentation Branch, together with its contractor, ASRC Aerospace, has developed a solenoid valve smart current signature sensor that monitors valves in a noninvasive mode. The smart system monitors specific electrical parameters of the solenoid valves and detects and predicts the performance and health of the device. The information obtained from the electrical signatures of these valves points to not only electrical components failures in the valves but also mechanical failures and/or degradations.
机译:机电系统(执行器),特别是电磁阀的健康状况是肯尼迪航天中心(KSC)的主要关注点。这些系统控制诸如液态氢之类的商品的存储和转移。机电系统无法按计划发射或导致人员受伤的潜在隐患,需要对系统进行持续维护和测试,以确保其准备就绪。这些系统中需要集成监视设备,以在实际操作条件下验证阀门的健康状况和性能。在退化和/或潜在问题发生之前检测出它们是非常有利的。此功能不仅可以提供更安全的操作,还可以节省不必要的维护和检查费用。电磁阀状态指示器通常基于微型开关,这些微型开关通过物理接触阀门的提升阀组件来工作。所有的物理接触和运动趋向于非常不可靠,并且容易受到组件的磨损,摩擦,开关损坏甚至阀中流体(气体或液体)泄漏的影响。 NASA仪器分公司与其承包商ASRC航空航天公司共同开发了一种电磁阀智能电流信号传感器,该传感器可在无创模式下监控阀门。智能系统监视电磁阀的特定电气参数,并检测并预测设备的性能和运行状况。从这些阀的电气特征获得的信息不仅指向阀中的电气部件故障,而且还指向机械故障和/或性能下降。



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